Dangerous pranks and challenges are not allowed on YouTube

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Dangerous pranks and challenges are not allowed on YouTube

Dangerous pranks and challenges are not allowed on YouTube.

YouTube encourages its users to be safe and respectful of others. It is against YouTube’s Community Guidelines to post content that encourages dangerous or illegal activities, or that puts minors at risk. This includes pranks that may result in physical or emotional harm, or challenges that involve consuming substances or substances that could be dangerous.

What are the Dangerous pranks used by YouTube creators

1. Dangerous Dares:

This prank involves having someone do a dangerous and sometimes life-threatening dare. Examples include eating something disgusting, jumping from high places, or attempting a dangerous stunt.

2. Fake Injury Pranks:

These involve convincing someone that they have hurt themselves and need medical attention. This can be done by using fake blood, ketchup, or other materials to create a convincing injury.

3. Car Pranks:

Car pranks involve stunts or tricks that are done in and around vehicles. These can range from dangerous wheelies to doing donuts in a parking lot.

4. Public Pranks:

These involve pranks that are done in public places, such as restaurants, stores, or parks. Examples include fake fights, staged accidents, or other disruptive behavior.

5. Scare Pranks:

Scare pranks involve scaring someone by surprising them or using props like masks or fake spiders. This type of prank is often used to get a reaction out of someone.

How can youtube creators avoid dangerous pranks?

1. Do research:

Research the prank before performing it in order to make sure it is safe.

2. Avoid stunts:

Stunts can be dangerous and should be avoided, even if they seem like they would be fun or funny.

3. Have a spotter:

If a prank involves height or any other potential risk, make sure someone is watching and ready to help in case of an emergency.

4. Get permission:

If a prank involves other people, make sure to get their permission before filming.

5. Avoid putting yourself or others in harm’s way:

Pranks should never involve putting yourself or others in harm’s way.