Explain About Repetitious Content Policy In YouTube

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Explain about Repetitious Content Policy in Youtube?

The YouTube repetitious content policy states that users are not allowed to upload multiple videos that are substantially similar in content. This policy is designed to prevent users from uploading the same video multiple times or from flooding the YouTube platform with content that is not substantially different. YouTube encourages users to create unique, original videos. Additionally, videos should not be re-uploaded after they have been removed by YouTube due to a copyright violation or other breach of YouTube’s terms and policies.

The Repetitious Content Policy in YouTube is designed to ensure that videos uploaded to the platform are original and do not contain any content that has already been uploaded by another user. This policy is in place to protect copyright holders, as well as to ensure that viewers are not inundated with the same content multiple times.


  • Ensure that the content you upload is original and not reused from other sources, including other YouTube users.
  • Familiarize yourself with the YouTube Copyright Guidelines to ensure that you are not infringing on any copyrights.
  • Create content that is unique and engaging.


  • Do not upload content that has already been uploaded by another user.
  • Do not upload content that is not your own.
  • Do not upload content that is a copy or derivative of another user’s content.
  • Do not upload content that contains plagiarized material.